• Easter Holidays

    Easter Holidays

    We wish all of you a very nice Easter Holiday! Enjoy the time with friends and family...and also don't forget the ones, who have not the fortune to celebrate :-)

  • ...I need more smiles ;-)

    ...I need more smiles ;-)

    Slowly we are getting somewhere...BUT...for the new music video project we still need much more material...so, if you have some short clips from your mobile, your Ipad, or camera with a cute smile of somebody, please send it to me via email...of course with the permission to publish it ;-)

  • Christmas...New Year

    Christmas...New Year

    Dear friends...we wish you all a very peacefull Christmas...and we are looking forward to a New Year 2014...with new songs, our first music video releases...and live gigs ;-) see ya!

  • Help needed!

    Help needed!

    Dear Friends,

    for a new planed musicproject I am looking for videoclips of all kind with people who spontanious start to smile. It doesn't matter if there are kids, adults, seniors to be seen, as long as it looks natural and real. If you have any material from a camera, or mobile etc. please send it to: info@shortlegman.com ...of course, with the permission to use it for publishing ;-) thanks a lot... I'm curious and exited already,

    yours Dirk

  • Storyboard in progress

    Storyboard in progress

    We are now starting with the preproduction of our first music video for "Alive - Radiomix"...